Where CanIt be Used ?

DOORLANE tells your door to "STOP" where you want them to stop


a. Building entrance: If your apartment building has a self closing hydraulic door closing system, it will push you when you want to enter the building when your hands are full and cannot hold the door yourself. With Doorlane, you open the door and press the Doorlane to hold the door open. When you are done unlock the doorlane and let the hydraulic close the door.

b. Superintendent or delivery person at the door: You are cooking, and you have a baby in the basinet. You need to open the door and pay the delivery person, but the door closed behind you. What are you going to do? Call a locksmith, let him jiggle the lock or replace it. A bad situation. With Doorlane, you open the door, press the Doorlane, and go on with your business, without door closing behind you.

c. You need to let some fresh air in the house: You open the windows; the living room door slams due to draft caused by open windows. Things might easily get broken, door hinges might get lose, and door frame can get damaged. All you need to do is open the door as much as you want and press Doorlane, and let fresh air in. d. Your door is not properly installed or slanted: Your door does not stay stable. It either swings close or open when you want it to stay. Open it and press Doorlane, and make it stay.

e. You need sleep while the balcony door is open: If you open the door to much, it might get drafty and rodents might enter the room. Don’t put shoes or anything else to stop the door. Just open the door as needed and press Doorlane, and make is stay. It won’t squeak or won’t just let anyone in easily.

f. Use it as additional security lock: The bottom part of a locked door can be weak and you can push the door from bottom and put something in there to force the door open. You can use doorlane as a additional locking mechanism to lock the bottom part of the door.

g. Door handle hits the wall: You can use a Doorlane with a rubber bumper can help you protect the walls, and the door handle. Unlike other doorstops, kids cannot get on top the doorstop and play swing on the door.


a. Main Entrance and Emergency Entrance Doors: If you do not have a hydraulic or automated door closing mechanism, stop the door with Doorlane and patients or stretchers can enter easily. Don’t let the door hit the stretcher or the stretcher hit the door.

b. Swing Doors on the Hallways: When the doors are fixed to open position with Doorlane, they will not swing and hit people on their back, stretchers can easily pass the doors, and the patient or the caretaker with the patient will not be bothered by the swinging door.

c. Aerating the Rooms: You want to leave the windows open for the patient room. Door will slam, and sleeping patients will wake up or get bothered. You can open the door as much as you want and press on Doorlane and make it stay open. Let the room aerate without any worries.

d. Door installed slanted, or got slanted by time: The door either swings open or close by itself. Open it as much as you want and press on Doorlane and make it stay where you want it to stay.

e. Out-Patient (Policlinic) Room Doors: If they are needed to stay open, usually, a wastebasket or a chair or some other thing is used to keep it open. Use Doorlane and press it to make the door stay where you want it to stay. f. Door know hits the wall: Use a Doorlane with a rubber bumper, and the door will only hit the baseboard and the door or the wall will be protected.


Please do not put things like front door mats, ashtrays, chairs, portable coat rack, pot, stone, brick and wood wedge.


a. Entrance: Do not use doormat, ashtray, flower pot, rock or brick to stop the door. Use Doorlane.

b. Room Service and Food Cart: Try to enter a room with a beautifully decorated food cart, while the windows or terrace door is open and the room is drafty. The entrance door will push you and try to close itself. You need to push the door harder and lose control of your Food Cart, this scene will not be acceptable by your guest. You can open the door and press the Doorlane and keep the door open, and enter the room.

c. Swing Doors: To keep the heavily used kitchen or hallway entrance doors open for Service personnel use.

d. Housekeeping service : We have seen a house keeper aerating a room while she was keeping the door open with the used sheets and towels pressed against the door. This was one of the biggest hotels in Ankara, Turkey. She was stepping on the sheets and towels while she was going back and forth into the room. Can you imagine what hotel guests might think about the sheets they sleep on in that hotel, when they see this scene.

e. Leave the terrace door open and let some sea breeze in: The door will either slam close, break something, or you need to put your luggage or something else to make to door stay open. Why not use Doorlane, which has been in us for years at Istanbul Hilton Hotel. No door squeaks, no slamming, just open the door and make it stay open.

f. Put a Doorlane with a rubber bumper on the room entrance door: The door will not hit the wall, wardrobe or any other furniture that might get damaged. And there will not any obstruction to vacuum the floors.

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